My work is not here to cure your ill, rather thru sharing of my journey and insights perhaps it will offer healing along  your path as well – a distinction important to respect.

I am a seeker, interested in wellness; I investigate all tools that can be used as, or are elements and philosophies of medicine. I believe in the importance of the body, mind, spirit relationship and I find segmenting information by those categories helpful in living a life of balance.

I am expert of nothing, highly aware that:

“The more I know, the more I know I don’t know.”

However, I am well skilled and schooled in many unique things related to wellness. Each of us contain unique knowledge we must live authentically in order to keep our beehive of this world of humans in true balance. We each have light inside ourselves, the work is to nurture your light and find ways to protect it in its uniqueness and shine it out so others may see. I am here to let my freak flag fly.

Western medicine is valuable. Natural remedies can be healing. Mental practices are essential to my wellness. There are so many ways to tend the vessel; trust in the intuition to know which tool is right in its own time, and accept the fundamental truth of uniqueness of each of our physical experiences. The most valuable core truth is that your body/spirit/mind is exactly like no other and it must be tended as only yours needs.

Identity (and therefore, ritual) constantly change, if you move with the constant of change that is this mortal, physical, intellectual, environmental existence. Therefore remaining authentic-self requires constant commitment of assessment and reshaping of life, as suites new priorities evolved fairly by circumstance change. We like to pin it down for ourselves, to proclaim an identity and call it stability, and then we keep that a constant while all else changes and wonder why the struggle is so present.

We must work very hard to notice what does and does not actually please us because society sells us on a lie of dissatisfaction every day. That is how it gets us to be consumers. Realizing where you are satisfied is vital. Notice, cherish, and show appreciation for all that satisfies you. Allow yourself to feel satisfied. That is a big one, it’s key. Don’t panic when you allow the joy of your real satisfaction to permeate your warrior shell of forward movement. Receipt of joy does not diminish your will to tend what needs tending. Though you just may need less because what you have, it is good.

Body * Mind * Spirit


I got a good one. It is strong and my bones are big and solid. I have spent most days of my life ambulatory, able to be pretty darn active. I have lots of lady curve. I am a dancer of many types of dance since youth. As a theater actor,  I’ve trained in and performed stage combat many times, frequently the strong woman who can carry a character for a joke or drama. No joke, my family has called me “Muscles” since my youth.

The concept for this website came to me years ago, but it took this crazy year of medical issues including celiac diagnosis, bulging discs, and rare bacterial infections (READ STARTER BLOG) to finally dive all in! My body has made it clear that my commitment to wellness must grow even more, it must be my every day.


I am educated in the body. I am a studied actor, trained in Alexander Technique. I was in a car accident at 16, left with strain and sprain of my spine. I was medicated, spent 2 years in physical therapy, ultimately the study of Alexander Technique in college is what healed my back pain from that accident.

In my early 20s I trained in massage *where I discovered I’m an empath – more on that in SPIRIT* and very much enjoy learning about anatomy. I think the science of the body IS magic.

I recovered from an eating disorder at 16 with the help of therapists and nutritionists.  I still fight body dysmorphic issues but also have a great perspective on cherishing my vessel that competes with my old entrenched self-degradation issues and keeps me healthy in my approach to wellness.

I have always been a dreamer, full of hope and believing that I’m here to effect positive change. I am extremely sensitive and empathetic, which means that the bad has always been equally intense as the good. When recovering from bulimia, I was diagnosed bi-polar with hyper-sexuality and mood swing tendencies and I was medicated with anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, and sleeping pills. I now don’t take any of those medications, don’t misunderstand that as my disagreement with them, they help many. I have created rituals that tend my needs well and keep me in healthier balance that have made me feel safe to release my medications. It is not easy, if my rituals diminish, my mental state becomes fragile.

The most important training for my mind was done in my early twenties, in a time I now call my “ninja training” days. This time period deserves its own BLOG, in its time. During this time I healed from heartbreak, I saw many types of healers and allowed myself to be affected by their techniques.

I utilized many pieces of literature and exercises and re-wired my thinking process, from negative pathways to positive. You have free will in thinking, you can train your brain, the rituals to do so are vital to my wellness and will frequently be discussed here.


Now it gets interesting. 🙂

Recently I was asked if I was a believer in the more “out there” esoteric experiences and philosophies. In reviewing my life experience it would be more outrageous to be a non-believer than to be a believer.

Oh yes, I’m a believer. All in.

I’ve seen spirits since my youth. I had premonitions and could find lost items too. My family held respect for my unique ways.

Born a Jew and raised in Hebrew school, I had a real hunger in the study of theology. I am a seeker. After my bat-mitzvah I was a Hebrew school teaching assistant, engaged in my youth group, and loved nothing more than to sing prayer. Recently asked if I would still identify myself as a Jew I said, “Yes, due to my race. Also, a core principal in Judaism is that there is one Gd, I believe in one great unifying energy, that is the Divine that is in you and in me and in all. I am not only a Jew, I’m also a witch, and that piece of identity comes due to the ways in which I ritual.”

Singing remains a spirit connection, though now I write original tunes that hold personal philosophies.

I visited many churches growing up and still love to read religious and spiritual texts of all types. I find value in many different teachings and what I live is a merging of all that vibes with me.

When studying massage I started touching backs in class and hearing things that were troubling that person, receiving words and emotions translated from touch. Touch is a gift of mine. I had pushed away my gifts as a child, I would see a spirit and ask Gd to make it go away because I was fearful. When the empath experience happened as an adult I knew it was time I owned my unique experiences, educated myself on protective energy protocols, meditations, and practices for healing – these were the ninja days.

I practice reiki and crystal/stone reiki and tarot and angel card reading. As a healer, I’ve tended many bodies and been with people through their transition out of the mortal experience. I believe in the power of what is ancient, the power of what is ritualized and imbued with intention for centuries to become charged with that intention. Ancient knowledge speaks to me, as is the way with the practice of tribal medicine women, where information is passed down from generations.

The most notable discovery that altered my spiritual and ritual framework was this:

We are the first civilization to live with a calendar that has nothing to do with nature. In fact, this calendar is intended to take us out of cycle with nature. People stand in their power when we are aligned with the rhythm of nature, after all this is our environment. What flower will grow in an environment that doesn’t give it soil, water, light?

The Catholic church gave us this calendar when taking power. Deca means ten and it’s our twelfth month. Octo means eight and its the tenth month. 28 days is lunar cycle but 30 & 31 will take you exactly out of rhythm. In realizing this I shifted my attention and started ritual with nature, the shift in my experience is notable.

There are many practical examples of how alignment/dis-alignment with nature helps/hurts: Woman’s cylce used to align with the moon, but the pill and electricity will pull you out of that rhythm, simply noticing the timing of the moon and how it effects your energy can actually re-regulate your cycle. Do you suffer from insomnia? Start watching the sunset and see how that helps, get out of electricity, sit outside and watch the sunset. Do that and the body has the opportunity to realize day has turned to night and it will begin to ritualize its sleep needs appropriately.

We are disconnected, for my spirit to be full, I must connect.