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Rose 4 Revolution… 

Revolution doesn’t have to mean a bloody war. It doesn’t have to be an uprising. Revolution can live in the bravery of thinking and existing in a unique way. Be the change. The revolution is in each of us, if we wish for it to be. 

I wish it to be.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”Albert Einstein

I was born into a society that instructs us to follow time in relationship to how they say to follow it. So were you. That wasn’t the case for the majority of cultures before us. Calendars were based on agriculture, lunar rhythm, star position, animal associations, all kinds of different things, that’s true, but all aspects of the environment in which we live- and so, a person’s relationship with time was also linked with the relationship to nature.

Recognizing this history, and responding by establishing methods to re-connect and utilize the structure of time as given by revolution of the moon around our earth has been a revolution for everything in my life. 

If connecting to your environment appeals to you, if you find resonance in bare feet on tree roots and deep breaths in moonlight, then you will likely find an appreciation and kinship with my writing and lifestyle.

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