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Welcome to this resource for wellness.

I am a seeker; ever on a journey of education in tools for wellness, and you are invited to join. My foundational belief is that BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT must all be tended to achieve optimal wellness, therefore this site contains guidance in the realms of: physical, mental, and esoteric.

This site is a resource for:

  • Energetic protection techniques and helpful meditations.
  • Healthful recipes for eating, and drinking, and tinctures too!
  • Moon ritual descriptions.
  • Stories of learning on this journey toward better understanding balanced wellness in modern times.

I am not a doctor here to cure your illness. I do not replace medicine. However, as even helpful musings are medicine to the body/mind/spirit, in that way my writings shall be too. I am a human who is ever a seeker and has learned a great deal to teach and share. And because I’m always on the journey of growth I’ve always new lessons to teach. I listen to and value this earth and my own existence. There are innate capacities in me and there are those coached, fundamentally I see uniqueness as superpower and therefore my teachings are never to say “be like me”, but rather to say “discover who you are and be your truest ideal self” – in this way we shine our brightest light to illuminate this world.

Please take a moment to read the ABOUT page, there you will find a thorough detailing of the types of medicine and belief systems of which I partake. Check it out, see if you vibe, and come along on the journey!


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